English verbs

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English verbs by Mind Map: English verbs

1. Past continuous

1.1. She was watching TV las night.

1.2. They weren't playing when someone arrived.

1.3. What were you doing when finished the hmework?

2. Past simple

2.1. I went to the cinema last week.

2.2. I didn't eat with my parents yesterday.

2.3. Who did she kiss?

3. Present perfect

3.1. She has been of the streets.

3.2. I haven't eaten today.

3.3. Have you ever sent a post?

4. Ability and obligation: can, could, have to

4.1. He has to/ doesn't has to do beautiful things - They had to/didn't have to do beautiful things.

4.2. You can/can't communicate with the people - You could/ couldn't communicate with the people.

5. Future

5.1. The money will/won't probably go to school.

5.2. I am going to/not going to buy a dress for tonight.

5.3. I am meeting them in Londres tomorrow.

5.4. The parade starts at eight o'clock.

6. Used to

6.1. I used to play dolls when I was little.

6.2. She didn't use to go institute when I was little.

7. Present continuous

7.1. I am playing basketball in this moment.

7.2. She isn't reading any book.

7.3. Are you going to shopping?