College Students With Majors That Require Clinicals or Internships

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College Students With Majors That Require Clinicals or Internships by Mind Map: College Students With Majors That Require Clinicals or Internships

1. Students Face Challenges With Employment and Licensure During Covid-19

1.1. Employment and On-the-Job Training

1.1.1. Some students must meet licensing requirements to obtain jobs in nursing, pharmacy, or dental hygiene. Some states have made adjustments to these requirements to allow students to go to work while they are waiting to obtain licensure. Murray et al., 2020 Romanelli et al., 2020

1.2. Modified Licensure

1.2.1. Some state boards have emergency plans in place to allow changes to the licensing process which will allow essential workers to be hired. Palancia Esposito & Sullivan, 2020 Siciliano et al., 2020

2. Students Face Challenges of Online Education, Training, and Graduation Delays During Covid-19

2.1. Online Education and Training

2.1.1. Nursing students, pharmacy students, and dental hygienist students all require hands on training including clinicals and internships. The pandemic required modifications to this form of educational training. State boards have worked with universities to create acceptable training program to lead to licensure. However, some had been pushing for changing to certain requirements in various fields for years. Romanelli et al., 2020 Siciliano et al., 2020 Stolberg, 2020

2.2. Graduation Delays

2.2.1. Students experiencing the effects of the pandemic may have delayed graduation due to inability to complete necessary training because of the worldwide shutdown. Universities had to transition away from traditional teaching methods and modifications were necessary to accomplish this transition. However, not all transition methods met requirement needs which lead to stress and other issues for students. Aucejo et al., 2020 Medina et al., 2020

3. Students Faced with Uncertainty of Future Experience Mental Health Issues

3.1. Stress

3.1.1. Everyone handles stress differently and the stress of the pandemic is no exception. Students are also impacted differently because of their background. The stress they experienced could be a result of family connections, ability to complete assignments, and fear of the unknown. Long-term effects of stress are unknown. Boals & Banks, 2020 Schlesselman et al., 2020

3.2. Anxiety and Depression

3.2.1. The unexpected events of the pandemic left many feeling the effects of anxiety and depression. Initial studies have shown the pandemic may have long term effects on the mental health of individuals, especially students because of the uncertain nature of the pandemic. Boals & Banks, 2020 Liu et al., 2020