What is love?

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What is love? by Mind Map: What is love?

1. You can make a person laugh, happy

2. Garden Flower

2.1. The gardener wants to be what the flower is

2.1.1. and not what the gardener wants the flower to be

3. Love is Spell LUV

3.1. Listen

3.1.1. Conecting energy Listen what the other person is saying

3.2. Understand

3.2.1. Feel understood

3.3. Validate

3.3.1. Creating & Loving enviroment

4. Love is a really help

4.1. IS really devotion to their struggle

4.1.1. Help manage their minds and emotions

5. Help people to suffer less

6. When you love somebody you want them feel good

7. Want to see them succeed in life

8. Understaning

8.1. Hopes

8.1.1. fears dreams needs

9. Gift