Duolingo App Critique

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Duolingo App Critique by Mind Map: Duolingo App Critique

1. Introduction

1.1. What

1.1.1. With over 150 million registered users, it is well known language learning app.

1.2. Gamification approach

1.2.1. it is an attempt to make study and practice more engaging

1.3. Offer approx 22 languages learning options

1.3.1. App itself speak in a universal tongue

1.3.2. Provide an experience that surpass any cultural barrier.

1.4. Free to use

2. Virtual tour

2.1. Screen

2.1.1. Design subscribe to school of flat design with a hint of material design of google

2.1.2. Nothing flashy and trending

2.2. Learning

2.2.1. Course screen are clean well designed and easy to use

2.3. UX strategy

2.3.1. Follow play first and profile second

2.3.2. After playing for some minutes, it gives a clear picture how easy to use this app and user itself decide to make profile or not.

3. Features

3.1. Learning section

3.2. Stories

3.3. Discussion forum

3.4. Events

3.5. Podcasts

3.6. Dictionary

4. Final Verdict

4.1. UX is consistent and perfectly alligned with educational strategy of gamification

4.2. The app is jam-packed with fun and playful design

4.3. Track your progress and give notifications on your registered emails regularly.

4.4. Their design elements are simple and unimaginative, completely aligned to purpose of learning.