American Presidents

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American Presidents by Mind Map: American Presidents

1. President Truman

1.1. Sold Clothes prior to being a politician

1.2. Started the Marshall Plan. The hope was to keep Western Europe capitalistic by giving them money to rebuild their countries

1.2.1. George Marshall was the Secretary of State. The Marshall Plan could be considered successful, because the Eastern Countries were not as successful as the Western capitalist countries.

1.2.2. Fishing nets, road equipment

1.2.3. The Soviet Union often took away East German Equipment

1.3. Berlin Blockade

1.3.1. Road and rail lines closed by the Soviet Union in the hopes that West Berlin would surrender to East Berlin. They were unsuccessful British and American flights brought in supplies for months. Called the Berlin Airlift

1.4. Took power from President Roosevelt when Roosevelt died.

1.5. Dropped atomic bombs on Japan

1.5.1. Negotiated with Stalin at the end of WWII Truman never trusted him and thought that he would become an enemy in time.

1.6. Containment

1.6.1. This policy was in existence until the Reagan Doctrine

1.6.2. Policy practiced by President Kennedy during the Cuban Missile Crisis

1.6.3. Did not encourage trade between USSR and US

2. President Eisenhower

2.1. "More bang for the buck"

2.1.1. Rather than build up a large conventional army, the US could build up a nuclear program where the USSR would never think of attacking the US becuase they will get bombed.

3. President Kennedy

3.1. Involved in the Bay of Pigs invasion

3.1.1. The Baptista rebels looking to overthrow Castro Not successful Baptista - Capitalist, dictator Communists took control

3.2. Fidel Castro

3.2.1. Friendly with the USSR Allowed Nuclear bombs to be stationed in Cuba

3.3. New node

3.4. Expanded the US Military through Flexible Response

3.4.1. A strong nuclear and coventional army

4. President Johnson

4.1. Best known as the President who oversaw the Vietnam War

4.1.1. Hoped for a democratic Vietnam, but was extremely disappointed Tet Offensive - Vietnames attack on American forces in 1968. Made many Americans believe that they were not going to win the war, which was contrary to what Johnson was telling them

4.2. Johnson's Beagle

5. President Nixon

5.1. President during a period of detente

5.1.1. Progress disrupted by Watergate

5.2. Nixon made a trip to China to make better relations with the communist Chinese.

5.2.1. Nixon's Pandas

6. President Ford

7. President Carter

8. President Ronald Reagan

8.1. Star Wars

8.1.1. Space based missile system that would stop incoming Soviet nuclear attack The system was never built, but it made the soviet union Negotiate