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Internet Saftey by Mind Map: Internet Saftey
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Internet Saftey

m0bile fonez

When texting use shorter language e.g lol laugh out loud.

only reply if u now that kid

Don't agree to meet someone from a chatroom.

Don't send a photo to anyone you don't know.

Delete messages that upset you.

reply to ppl u no

Instant msging

When u instant messaging it vgoes straight to the person ur senting to

2 use insnt msging dnld sftware

only 4 2 ppl chttting


msgs cn hv viruses

nvr rply 2 sum 1 u dnt nu

evn if frndz frm skool d'nt tll adress

wb browsing

info on google is not always real

onlin frm

is a meeting place

known as bulletin boards.

knows as e-boards.

known as online conferences.

cht rmz

talk to strangers online.

u can tell the city u live in.