IGCSE Biology

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IGCSE Biology by Mind Map: IGCSE Biology

1. Section I: Characteristics and classification of living organisms.

1.1. Characteristics of living organisms

1.2. Classification and Diversity of living organisms

1.3. Simple Keys

2. Section II: Organisation and maintenance of the organism

2.1. Levels of organisation

2.2. Coordination and response

2.3. Excretion in humans

2.4. Respiration

2.5. Transportation

2.6. Nutrition

2.7. Enzymes

2.8. Movement in and out of cells

2.9. Size of specimens

3. Section III: Development of the organism and the continuity of life

3.1. Reproduction

3.2. Growth and Development

3.3. Inheritance

4. Section IV: Relationships of organisms with one another and with their environment

4.1. Energy Flow

4.2. Food chains and food webs

4.3. Nutrient Cycles

4.4. Population size

4.5. Human Influences on the Ecosystem