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Pecha-Kucha by Mind Map: Pecha-Kucha

1. Reading

1.1. Power Point about how to make a good presentation

1.2. Documents of our topic (Un Wiki Bestial!)

1.3. Blog of the centres where our project was underway.

1.4. Extra information on Internet about what a Pecha-Kucha is.

1.5. More information about Mª Felisa Jodar Foz and her projects.

2. Reflecting

2.1. Desing all the slights (text).

2.2. Choose the correct imagines, looking into flickr

2.3. Creation of the 20 slights by all the members of the group

2.4. Preparation of the exposition taking into account the characteristics of a Pecha-Kucha exposition (20 slights/ 20 seconds each)

3. Sharing

3.1. Exposition of each group of the class about it topic.

3.2. We upload all the process in Blogspot

3.3. We improve our presentation using Knovio.