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Anytime Remote Learning Share by Mind Map: Anytime Remote Learning Share

1. [Idea/Resource Shared 1]

1.1. Summary:

1.2. Discussion Notes:

1.2.1. Benefits/Challenges Addressed:

1.2.2. New ideas

1.3. Tutorial:

1.4. Example:

1.5. Trying out the note taking feature

2. [Idea/Resource Shared 2]

2.1. Summary:

2.2. Discussion Notes:

2.2.1. Benefits/Challenges Addressed:

2.2.2. Notes I think I've got it!

2.3. Tutorial:

2.3.1. MindMeister Tutorial: How to Share Mind Maps and Collaborate

2.4. Example:

2.4.1. Mind Map Free - Free Mind Mapping Software | MindMeister

3. Edpuzzle interactive content

3.1. Summary:

3.2. Discussion Notes:

3.2.1. Benefits/Challenges Addressed: Set up with Google Classroom so kids can interact with the material.

3.2.2. New ideas

3.3. Tutorial:

3.4. Example:

3.5. Hello I am making a note.

4. MobyMax

4.1. Summary K-8th - Special Ed or General kids. Math, Science, SS and Reading -- set to level.

4.2. Standards are in there and tracked.

4.3. Challenges it's addressed: for a new student, its helpful for targeting certain skills (i.e. identifying key points in text, and reading images in a text)

4.4. Read more about Moby Max