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Hindu Art by Mind Map: Hindu Art

1. Painting

1.1. Pahari painting school

1.1.1. developed in the 17th-19th centuries

1.1.2. use bright colors

1.1.3. portray themes of love and affection

1.1.4. form of indian painting done in miniature forms

1.1.5. pictures ranged from bold intense paintings to delicate lyrical ones

1.2. Nepalese religious painting

1.2.1. conservative in technique, style, and iconography

1.2.2. slight changes made in composition pallet, style, and motifs

1.2.3. Buddhist community of Newars known throughout Asia for their worksmanship

1.2.4. made most paintings on manuscripts, bookcovers, and some on cloth

2. Sculpting

2.1. first sculptures date back to the Indus Valley Civilizations

2.1.1. where stone and bronze carvings were found

2.2. 2nd and 1st Century BCE sculptures became more explicit

2.3. statues of gods and goddesses have been a favorite to all artists placed in temples and at home

2.4. Rashtrakuta

2.4.1. two and a half years of great accomplishments for sculpture

3. Bibliography

4. Architecture

4.1. Temple

4.1.1. inner sanctum "the garbha griha or womb-chamber" crowned by a tower-like shikara

4.1.2. circumambulation

4.1.3. congregation hall

4.1.4. antechamber and porch

4.2. Sutradharas

4.2.1. master architects who ensure buildings are designed according to sacred principles

4.3. Rashtrakuta

4.3.1. two and a half years of great accomplishments for architecture two great examples are the Ellora and Elephanta caves Ellora Caves Elephanta Caves

5. Gupta Dynasty

5.1. Powerful dynasty emerged in 320 AD

5.2. ruled all of North America for century

5.2.1. no royal lineage

5.3. credited for the classical period of indian art

5.4. Architecture

5.4.1. in the 6th century: characteristic plan for all temples entrance led to a pillared hall into the cella, shrine crowned by a tower (the shikhara)

5.4.2. 7th century plan for temples dravida pyramid shape, depend on detailed carved stone to create a design consisting of numerous statues of deities, warriors, kings, and dancers

5.5. Sculpture

5.5.1. medieval bronze sculpture was developed in South Asia

5.6. Painting

5.6.1. very little is known about hindu wall painting except fragments of Ellora and Tanjore