Does love make your life better?

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Does love make your life better? by Mind Map: Does love make your life better?

1. Love doesn't have to be only people. Love can be about animals, food, things in general.

2. Yes

2.1. You have someone always there, someone to trust

2.2. Helena got the man she always wanted even after she believed it was not true.

3. No

3.1. Love can be decieving

3.1.1. Puck cast a spell on Lysander as well as Demtrius to make them love Helena.

3.1.2. Lysander almost lost his true love, Hermia, because Puck cast the love spell.

4. New node

5. Love for a dog

5.1. Dog adoption

5.2. Give a dog the love and caring that it needs. Adoption is the perfect answer to giving a dog just that.

6. Love

6.1. Love is a strong emotion of affection.

6.2. Love is the bond of two things.

7. Examples of love

7.1. Human love

7.2. Cat love

7.3. Squirrel love