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Personal Letter by Mind Map: Personal Letter

1. Part of Personal Letter

1.1. Address

1.2. Date

1.3. Salutation

1.4. Introduction

1.5. Body

1.6. Closing

1.7. Greeting for closing

1.8. Signature

2. A personal letter is a letter between two persons that have a close relationship. It deliveres personal information (News, sharing or persuading)

3. Characteristics : Informal, No strict rules, Syntax is simple, and Colloquial language

4. Language feature

4.1. 1. Sentence Structure Accuracy of grammar may be more important than an email. Most of the time, complete sentence are expected 2. Style Language use may be personal. For example, first and second person pronouns may be frequently used. May not be as formal as official letter writing. 3. Allowed to use contractions Example : he’s, she’s, haven’t, they’re 4. Altough the tone of your letter is informal, please take note

5. Type of personal Letter

5.1. Pen Pal letter

5.2. To Friends

5.3. Family

5.4. Invitation

5.5. Congratulation