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Virginia College Tutoring by Mind Map: Virginia College Tutoring
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Virginia College Tutoring

To attend a Winter term group tutoring session, select the subject area then click on the arrow beside the instructor's name and time of the session. Once the session opens, select “Enter as a Guest”, enter your full name into the box that appears, and click “Enter Room” to gain entrance to the meeting.


Amy Winger. Mondays: 7:30pm-8:30pm CST


Jeremey Stockinger. Tuesdays: 7pm-8pm CST


Amy Winger. Mondays: 6pm-7pm CST


Mischelle Pittman-Henry.Tuesdays 9pm-10pm CST

APA Formatting

Francine Bailey. Wednesdays: 9pm-10pm CST

Intermediate & Advanced Coding

Louise Sprull. Tuesdays: 8pm-9pm CST


Dean Hunkapiller. Wednesdays: 7pm-8pm CST

Individualized Tutoring from Smarthinking

Follow the link for subjects taught and hours of service.