Can you choose your own fate?

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Can you choose your own fate? by Mind Map: Can you choose your own fate?

1. No

1.1. Cancers such as breast cancer do not have a certain origin. That means that you can't physically control whether you get that type cancer or not. It all depends on fate.


1.2.1. The movie "The Lucky One" is a perfect example of how fate can save your life and change your life.


1.3.1. The people in these horrible accidents didn't choose for that to happen to them. Life decided to just throw another curve ball their way.


1.4.1. Christina Aguilera at the age of 8 was on the hit show "Star Search" and because of fate, became famous in the music industry for her beautiful voice.

1.5. Your destiny is what is meant to happen in your life. Whether it is good or bad, your true destiny is unstoppable.

1.6. "If then true lovers have ever been crossed, It stands as an edict to destiny....." - Hermia pg. 8 (in my book)


2.1. This story shows that no matter what the odds, you can change your fate and find the strength to love who you wish.

3. Yes

3.1. Olympic athletes take control of their destiny and choose their own fate.

3.2. You control your destiny!

4. Pg. 34 line 215 to 216 "A time that lovers' flights doth still conceal, Through Athens' gates have we devis'd to steal."-Lysander

4.1. So Lysander and Hermia are creating their own fate by running away and doing what they think is right for them.


5.1. The music video shows the male choosing to fight and try to survive and get away, so he is making a decision to chose his fate. He runs away on a chase and will probably end up in jail but he chose his fate by stealing a car and running from the cops.

6. You choose your path, your legacy, your life. Therefor you chose your fate.