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TPACK by Mind Map: TPACK
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We write the information about TPACK in a documment of open office

We make some charts with the information for putting them in a big cardboard

We take some pictures of the cardboard for putting them in the blog

We make some schemas on the internet and we put it on the blog

We write the information of what TPACK is on the blog of color chameleon ladies


Elena makes an exposition in the classroom and we have to listen to Elena and then to the other groups.

We take some pictures of the other groups and to the cargboards and then we upload the pictures to the blog of color chameleon ladies


Firts we read the instructions that Linda give to us on SACAI

Then wer ead the fotocopies that Linda give to us in classroom

We don't understand very well the contect of TPACK so we see some videos in Youtube

And looking for more information we see a video in Twitter from a friend of Linda that resolved all our doubts