Ocean Acidification Concept Map - Imani Gaston

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Ocean Acidification Concept Map - Imani Gaston by Mind Map: Ocean Acidification Concept Map - Imani Gaston

1. Acid base titrations

1.1. Allows a definitive measure of acidity per ocean

1.2. Could be tested with deeper ocean water vs water closer to the surface

1.2.1. Which indicator would be used to find the equivalence point?

1.3. Provides a theoretical basis on how much of a base could be added to the ocean in attempt to combat its acidifcation

2. pH Calculations

2.1. Is something in the ocean acting as a buffer?

2.1.1. Could acidifcation be occuring due to a lack of buffer?

2.2. How acidic is the ocean?

2.2.1. What would be the pH if a base was added?

3. Acid Base Reactions

3.1. What happens when CO2 and H2O oxygen react?

3.1.1. How is the actual reaction different than the theoretical reaction?

3.2. What concentration of CO2 is going into the ocean?

3.2.1. How do the different salinities of the oceans handle the acidification due to CO2?

3.3. What other elements in the ocean contributes to/interferes with the acidification?

4. Affects on animals

4.1. How are humans contributing to the acidication of the ocean?

4.2. How is the ocean acidification harming the environment?