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Review by Mind Map: Review

1. We use the following auxiliary verbs for present simple: Do (+) Don´t (-) or Does (+) Doesn´t (-)

2. Verb to be and present simple

2.1. Am (I)

2.1.1. Is (He, she, It) Are (You, They, We)

2.2. Auxiliary verbs.

3. Past simple

3.1. Regular verbs (ad "ed" at the end of the word).

3.1.1. Irregular verbs, change all the estructure of the word.

4. Countable and uncountable nouns

4.1. Contables: Many, so many.

4.1.1. Uncountables: Much, so much.

5. Frequency adverbs

5.1. We use with present simple, they tell the use how often something happens.

5.1.1. Always, Usually, Often, Sometimes, Hardly ever, Never.

6. Demostratives determiners

6.1. Are mostly used to specify or point people, animals or things based on their proximity.

6.1.1. This, that, these, those.

7. Present continuous

7.1. The present continuous of any verb consist of two parts: the present of the verb to be + the "present participle" of the main verb.

7.1.1. Afirmative: subject+to be+verb (ing)

7.1.2. Negative: subject+to be+not+verb (ing)

7.1.3. Interrogative: to be+subject+verb (ing) ?