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1. Sharing

1.1. On the web

1.1.1. Twitter I shared interesting information with my classmates #RICT1112

1.1.2. YouTube we recorded videos we uploaded them in youtube

1.1.3. Flicker I uploaded my ten pictures about me

1.1.4. Google Docs I shared information with my group to the Treasure Hunt We had to do a task with google docs

1.1.5. My posts in Posterous Reflexions Pictures Flicker presentation Practicess My class dairy

1.1.6. Blog of Treasure Hunt We shared our information about Alfonso X with our classmates

1.2. Physically

1.2.1. The teacher shared with us the way to use new tools Hoppala Layar Twitter Google docs

2. Reading

2.1. On the web

2.1.1. Sakai the teacher´s documents I completed my classnotes with the documents The task was explained in the documents

2.1.2. Wikipedia read some information what a 2.0 tool is, and a 1.0

2.1.3. Blogs my classmates blogs I read some information in their blogs

2.1.4. Web pages elbazardeloslocos I had to read some stories for one of my practices madhousesofideas I had to read some strories for one of my practice creativecommons I had to read the differents licences to use them with my flickr pictures Alfonso X I was looking for information about the king

2.1.5. Twitter profiles I had to follow thirty teachers and I read their profiles comments I had to retwit three twitts, so I was reading differents comments to choose the best.

2.2. Physically

2.2.1. Class notes I read my classnotes to understand the new concepts Sometimes I had the instructions to follow in order to do the next tasks

3. Writting-Reflecting

3.1. On the web

3.1.1. New acounts Twitter Flicker Mindmeister Hoppala Layar Posterous Youtube

3.1.2. My posterous My reflections about Google docs Ten things about me Treasure Hunt My favourite stories My 30 followings My onw PLE

3.1.3. WordReference, Google transaltor I used it to correct our vocabulary

3.1.4. Hoppala To write the information of the POIs

3.1.5. QR code generator to create the QR codes

3.1.6. Mindmeister I used it to do my main mapping

3.2. Physically

3.2.1. Professor´s explanation we took some notes

3.2.2. Record I recorded with my group the videos with the clues for the treasure hunt youtube

3.2.3. Thinking about Ten things about me My own PLE The POIs for the Treasure Hunt The clues for the Treasure Hunt