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1. Should I hire a professional carpet cleaner?

2. Professional carpet cleaners have commercial tools and cleaning equipment which homeowners and business owners do not have access to. Even If a homeowner or business owner purchased the same sophisticated equipment, it would require the know-how to use it, and the funding to purchase and properly maintain the equipment. Professional Carpet Cleaning machinery consists of UV lights for detecting pet odors/deep rooted stains and has a system for hot water extraction/heavy steam for a professional grade deep cleaning. By hiring a professional carpet cleaning company, you can rest assured that they are trained to know precisely how to treat specific circumstances, such as water damage, challenging stains, as well as, materials that require delicate treatment. What does heavy steam cleaning and spot removal entail? A type of hot-water removal that cleanses carpets much more extensively than consumer-grade surface-cleaning tools can. Oddly, it does not involve steam or vapor; instead, hot water is pumped through a powerful hose which eliminates dirt/dust at the carpet's most profound level. Carpet Cleaning Professionals use a cleaning method that pre-conditions the carpet with a natural carpet deodorizer, steam clean and solution that loosens up stains, dirt, dust mites, pet odors, and other known odors. They might additionally agitate the carpet fibers with a brush to enhance the solution's performance. Making use of a high-pressure hose attached to a vehicle outside, the carpet cleaning technician will then spray your carpet with extremely hot water, in some cases 200 ° or greater, washing away ground-in dirt and dust as well as residue. Do you live in a high rise building? No worries, professional carpet cleaning technicians and companies often have portable carpet cleaning machines which are 500 PSI, have a two-stage vacuum and heat up to 200 ° or greater! Afterwards, they promptly vacuum the blend of water and solution into a holding tank and wear removing all dirt and stains from your residence or business. This process will leave your carpet clean and slightly damp, but do not fret, your carpets and upholstery will dry out in a matter of hours. What type of expense is incurred with professional carpet cleaning services? Carpet cleaning generally costs approximately 30 to 40 cents per square foot. That suggests that if your residence or business has 1,000 square feet of carpeting, you'll pay between $300 and $400 for carpet cleaning provided you haven't already uncovered an excellent deal online. Of course, pricing is also based off of other factors: Extreme odor removal Staircase cleaning Rug and upholstery|furniture cleaning Moving furniture|furnishings Just how frequently should you clean the carpets in your home? For general maintenance, you should have your carpets professionally cleaned every 12 to 18 months. By doing so, you will extend the life of your carpet. Some carpet and rug manufacturers might also require cleaning more regularly to preserve your service warranty. If you own a business, you may want to clean your carpets more frequently. You can also find more information by visiting the carpet and rug institute. What type of time is involved in carpet cleaning? Carpet cleaning service typically takes around 20 minutes per room. How much time will professional carpet cleaning/carpet cleaning require to dry out? It can take anywhere from a couple of hours to 24 hours for carpeting to completely dry, depending upon variables such as air flow and humidity. The majority of carpets will dry within 6 to 12 hours. Below are some points to bear in mind concerning the drying process: You can walk on your carpeting as it dries out, however, keep it to a minimum and also put on clean socks or shoe coverings. Though no hazardous solvents are left after the cleansing process, it's still best to keep children and family pets off the carpeting until it's entirely dry. You can also work with Carpet Cleaning companies who focus on environmentally conscious practices, such as Dream Catcher Carpet Cleaning. You can dramatically minimize drying time by switching on ceiling fans and opening up windows to raise airflow. Carpets dry out best in the 60- to 70-degree range, so cranking up your heat may be helpful depending on the time of the year. How do you preserve and extend the life of your carpet? One of the most crucial things you can do to maintain your carpet is to hire a highly rated carpet cleaning company for a deep-cleaning each year. In between cleanings, you can additionally: Clean spills promptly. Dilute them with water, after that vacuum up the residues before they set in. If needed, make use of a natural spot remover. Vacuum regularly- several times a week if you can. This protects against dirt|dust from sinking deep into your carpets. Use doormats as a carpet protector. Place one at each entryway to your house or business and also make sure to wipe your feet and or remove your shoes before entering your home. If you are looking to connect with an ethical company who is highly rated and prides themselves on integrity, please check out Dream Catcher Carpet Cleaning. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they are mother earth approved, and they service the Denver Metro and North Denver Metro area.