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Communities by Mind Map: Communities

1. Richness and Diversity

1.1. RICHNESS: refers to the number of species that a community has.

1.2. DIVERSITY: refers to the variety of species that a community has, and depend the richness and relative aboundance of each species.

2. The set of populations of different species that live in a particular place an dthat maintain interactions with each other

2.1. Comunities have emerging properties that populations do not have

3. Composition

3.1. Refers to the list of species it contains.

4. Physiognomy

4.1. It is the physica aspect that communities of sessile organisms have.

5. Spatial Structure

5.1. Refers to the way in which populations are distributed in space, and has two components: th ehorizontal structre and the vertical.

6. Quantitative Structure

6.1. Denotes what percentage of individuals or biomass each species contributes to the interior of communities.

7. Phenology

7.1. It is the seasonal change suffered by the features of the communities.

8. Succession State

8.1. Refers to the stage of development that community settle has in a place afte the catastrophic event occured.