Motivated Seller Checklist

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Motivated Seller Checklist by Mind Map: Motivated Seller Checklist

1. Getting Started

1.1. Welcome

1.1.1. Start here to learn more about your Carrot Guide and where to begin Welcome to Carrot! We're glad you're here! Check out this video to get started. Mark this step complete after completing the video. Nice Job! Now it's time to get to work!

1.2. Get to Know Carrot

1.2.1. Getting oriented with your Motivated Seller Site Welcome to your Motivated Seller Site! Your path to generating motivated seller leads starts here. First, watch a quick video to get an overview of the steps needed to get your site setup. Video Script Mark this step complete after you've watched the video. This Step is Complete! But feel free to watch this video anytime!

1.2.2. What Carrot Does For You Tech Stack Carrot is on the leading edge of web hosting, site speed, and search engine infrastructure. You never have to worry about hosting, SSL certificates, or keeping up with best practices. Learn More Security We are very serious about security. Our team monitors your sites 24/7. Learn More Updates We keep your site up to date with the latest tools, infrastructure and designs so you don't have to. Learn More SEO (partial) Our sites are built with SEO in mind. You won't find a better out-of-the-box site to rank well for Google's algorithms and search results. Learn More Workflow Carrot makes it easy to add content to your site regularly with our content packs that you can schedule. You can manage your leads directly in our system or send them to your preferred CRM for easy follow-up. Set up campaign tracking links so you can see which marketing campaigns are providing the biggest ROI. Learn More Support If you have questions, we have answers. Our highly-rated friendly support team will work with you on whatever you need. Learn More Mark this step complete after reviewing our features. You've completed this step! Let us know if you have any additional questions.

1.2.3. Your Two Audiences: Visitors and Search Engines Your Motivated Seller Site is designed with two audiences in mind: Audience 1 People who need help selling their distressed property For Audience 1 your goal is to create trust and credibility for you and your business. You do that with an attractive logo and branding, adding a personal bio and profile picture, adding testimonials and credibility components like the BBB or Google reviews. Watch the Video on Audience 1 Audience 2 Search Engine Algorithms For Audience 2 your goal is to create a site and content that google believes provides the best solution to the questions and searches people are searching for in google. There are several ways to build trust and authority with google. 1 - unique, quality and targeted content on your website. 2 - creating a strong web footprint for your website and business through off-site SEO. Watch the Video on Audience 2 After you have watched both videos on your site audiences, mark this step complete. Congrats! You should now have a better understanding of your websites audiences.

1.2.4. Short-term vs Long-term Success Short-term success: Hamsterwheel marketing When getting started you'll need to focus on generating traffic throgh short-term marketing strategies. These include Google and Facebook ads, cold-calling, direct mail, texting, driving for dollars, etc. These are all things you can get started and automate later on. The challenge with "Hamster Wheel" marketing is that it stops bring results when you stop the activity. We have two sections on our checklist focused on generating short term traffic with Google Ads or Facebook below. Long-term success: Bricklaying & Evergreen marketing Over the long-term you want to create evergreen content and marketing so that you'll continue to receive leads regardless of whether you feed it or not. This includes high-quality content and videos that rank high in google's search results, business systems and processes. This takes patience and hard-work. We have two sections of the onboarding checklist to help you start your bricklaying work. We suggest a mix of both Hamster Wheel in the short term and/or to grow your deal volume and Evergreen for long-term momentum for high margin deals consistently with decreasing cost overtime. It takes patience Momentum with ranking high in Google for the phrases your ideal clients are searching can take from 3 - 12 months depending on the size and competitiveness of the market (when executed properly). Agent/Investor client Tyler Ford calls it the 2-6-1 method. Hard work for 2-6 months for big results within 1 year. Time To Results Evergreen vs Hamster Wheel Mark this step complete when you feel like you have a solid grasp of evergreen (long-term) vs hamster wheel (short-term) marketing. You've marked this step complete

1.2.5. SEO (How Search Engines Work) - What you need to know for your motivated seller site Keywords Keywords are the words and phrases that searchers enter into search engines. We've pre-built your page so it's already structured to have the correct content for your specific target market. All you need to do is customize your homepage a little bit more. For your Motivated Seller Site you want your home page and each city specific landing page to target the main phrases for motivated sellers. For example: "How do I sell my house fast in Roseburg, OR?" Learn More Ranking It takes time for your sites and pages to rank on page one for most searches. There are several ways to increase the speed for that to happen... Creating citations, building backlinks, creating unique quality content Learn More Off-site vs On-site SEO You want to work on your onsite SEO first. You have full control over everything onsite. For example, create city-specific landing pages, create unique content for your pages, add blogs that target specific keyword phrases like "foreclosure" or "sell your house after a divorce." Offsite SEO: In order to show Google you have authority, you need to do onsite work which includes building citations and getting backlinks. Learn More Watch this video on using SEO to drive traffic. Mark this step complete when you feel like you have a general understanding of how SEO works for your site. This step is complete!

1.2.6. Targeted / Niche Content Our recommended strategy for marketing your motivated seller site is obtain ranking on Google through the use of niche specific content. What does targeted niche content mean for your motivated seller site? Starting out a lot of people think they want to rank for key words like "We Buy Houses" as a broad term. That is much more difficult than ranking for a term specific to your niche or target market. "We buy houses in philadelphia pennsylvania" is much more specific and reasonable to target. Then you can get even more specific and target neighborhoods within Philadelphia like... "We buy houses companies in Germantown Philadelphia" You need to create niche content to perform the best in your market. Learn More Mark complete after you've read through more about targeted/niche content. This step is done! Head here to create your niche content.

1.2.7. Hands-on vs. Hands-off Approaches

2. Short Term Traffic Other Marketing Strategies

3. Short Term Traffic Generating Quick Traffic & Leads With Google Adwords

4. Short Term Traffic Generating Quick Traffic & Leads With Facebook

5. Long Term Traffic Improving Your SEO Results

5.1. Off-site SEO - citations

5.1.1. overview

5.1.2. set up your citations

5.1.3. set up your google business profile

5.2. Off-site SEO - backlinks

5.2.1. overview

5.2.2. backlink building - find the low hanging fruit

5.2.3. backlink building - look for guest blogging opportunities

5.2.4. backlink building - set up a HARO account

5.2.5. backlink building - web 2.0

5.2.6. backlink building - other strategies

5.3. Ongoing Content Creation & Authority Building

5.3.1. Creating your long-term SEO strategy

5.3.2. Set up your content schedule

6. Long Term Traffic Building Your SEO Foundation

6.1. overview

6.2. updating your core conversion pages

6.2.1. personalize your homepage

6.2.2. personalize your how it works

6.2.3. personalize your

6.3. adding your niche location pages

6.3.1. decide what location specific pages you want to create

6.3.2. create your location specific pages

6.3.3. advanced - creating a location specific hirearchy

6.4. adding authority content

6.4.1. add your first content pack

6.4.2. add your first video post

6.5. tracking your progress

6.5.1. set up your keywords in the tracking tool

6.5.2. quick tips on using google analytics to track progress

6.5.3. quick tips on using google search console to track your progress

7. Basic Site Setup

7.1. Personalize Your Site

7.1.1. Confirm core site information Short codes and how they work When you launch your site Carrot automatically personalizes your sites with several pieces of information you have already provided. To do this we use shortcodes. When editing your site, you'll come across content in brackets like this... [shortcode] These brackets are replaced with key information you provided such as target city, target state, company name, company phone number, etc. This allows us to launch a partially personalize site for you out of the box. Therefore it is important we get this right! A few pieces of advice. It is important that you only use a single city, state and zip in these fields, otherwise you will generate pages with bad SEO performance and a poor user experience. Confirm your site information in the company settings. Mark this step complete after you have confirmed your site details. Details confirmed! You can always check or update your general site settings here. link = Manage Site

7.1.2. Confirm your site theme Choose Your Style! You chose a theme when you first launched your site, but you can always update your look if you'd like! Your theme dictates what your site will look like visually. There are many different styles for your sites, including Cedar, Douglas, Juniper, and Madrone styles. Some designs are considered premium designs and are available on the Advanced Marketer plan. These designs include Hemlock and Aspen. Click here to update your site style. Mark this step complete when you're happy with your site theme! Looks great! You can always update your site design in the design settings here.

7.1.3. Upload your logo Your logo is the identity of your website. Your website is a cornerstone of your marketing strategy. One of the first ways to set yourself apart is to bring your branding front and center. In this step, you'll upload your logo to your site so that visitors to your site will create an instant first impression of you and your business. If you don't yet have a logo for your business here are a few resources for giving your company the branding it deserves and needs TailorBrands Quick automated logo builder. 99Designs Global community generates tons of ideas. Pick your favorite. Upwork Hire a specific designer to create your logo! You can upload a png or jpg file. We recommend removing any extra whitespace around the edges of your logo. Here's a tutorial for additional information on removing the white space. Click here to upload your logo Once you've uploaded your logo mark this step complete. Looks great! You can always update your logo in your design settings.

7.1.4. Update your site colors Building off your logo. Everyone’s logo and branding should match to build credibility and brand recognition. In this tutorial, we are going to show you how to change your color scheme on your site! Typically you’ll want to select a color scheme that mirrors your logo. If you want to read more on selecting a good color scheme, check out our Learn More section for tips and resources. There are several reasons changing your color scheme will help you succeed with Carrot. A few of those are: This will help you differentiate your site and make your site look more professional. Here's the tutorial on updating your site colors. Once you've updated your site colors, mark this step complete. Looks great! You can always update your colors in your design settings.

7.1.5. Attach your domain Let's make your site live! In order to bring your new site to the public you need to attach your custom domain. This is one of the more technical steps in the entire process, but once you get it done you never have to update it again! If you haven't bought your domain we recommend going with one of the following providers. NameCheap GoDaddy Click here to setup your domain Connect with support if you need assistance Mark this step complete after your site is live! Your site is live with a valid SSL certificate! You can update your domain settings here anytime.

7.2. Building Credibility

7.2.1. Overview of editing with Carrot It's time to start making some changes! Carrot uses a Visual Editor based on blocks. We have some great tutorials on the visual editor in our help center. Here are a few tutorials to get better acquainted with editing your new Carrot site. Start Here - Visual Editor Overview Blocks Explained Block Patterns Explained Editing Your Site Tutorials (Collection of 43 tutorials on editing your site) These will be helpful as we start editing your site in the next few action steps. Once you have reviewed the editing tutorials mark this step complete Nice work! Let's start personalizing your site!

7.2.2. Personalize Your About Page Introducing Yourself One of the first things we recommend doing to your site is adding your personal bio. At the minimum you want to add this to your About Page. On your carrot site, that page is the Our Company page. Check out the tutorial on writing a great company or personal bio. We recommend writing a paragraph or two about why you are in real estate and how you like to help people in challenging situations. The purpose is to build rapport so that people visiting your site feel a sense of trust with you. The "Our Company" page is the second most visited page on our members sites so it's important you make a good impressions. Mark this step complete after you've add a few paragraphs about yourself on your site. Congrats, now your visitors will know who you are!

7.2.3. add your profile photo

7.2.4. Add Testimonials To Your Site

7.2.5. Add Badges

7.2.6. add localized photos Hero image Photos of your local area

7.2.7. personalize your auto-reply messages

7.3. Analytics & Integrations

7.3.1. Connect Your Google Analytics Account

7.3.2. Set Up Google Search Console

7.3.3. Connect Your CRM

7.3.4. add your social media accounts