Language Development

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Language Development by Mind Map: Language Development

1. Interactionist Theory believe that languagie development is both biological and social. Lev Vygotsky is the theorist associated with this philosophy.

1.1. Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD)

1.2. Children have the brain capacity to learn words if they are exposed to a massive vocabulary.



4. Language Acqusition Device (LAD)

4.1. Noam Chomsky believed that all humans have a language acqusition device (LAD). Humans have to be able to speak any language.

4.1.1. Session Rule 1

4.1.2. Session Rule 2

4.2. (LAD) contains knowledge of grammatical rules to all languages. (Shaffer, 2002)

4.3. Transformation grammar

4.4. Words into sentences.

5. The Nativist Theory :They believe that humans are biologically programmed to gain knowledge. Noam Chomsky

6. Cognitive Theory Jean Piaget believed that language is an example of symbolic behavior and no different from other learning.

7. Behaviorist Theory : There are basic theories advanced to describe how language is acquired and taught. B.F. Skinner is the theorist that goes with this belief language is a learned behavior because the child responds and the parents react in a positive way.