promote sustainable tourism

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promote sustainable tourism by Mind Map: promote sustainable tourism

1. benefits

1.1. source:google www.united

1.1.1. drive economical progress

1.1.2. create decent jobs

1.1.3. improve living stanards

2. background

2.1. source:google

2.1.1. Covid-19 :associated economic and financial shocks

2.1.2. Global issues such as poverty,unempolyment

3. what's sustainable tourism

3.1. source:Wikipedia

3.1.1. Sustainability refers generally to the capacity for the biosphere and human civilization to co-exist.

3.1.2. Sustainable tourism is the tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts addressing the needs of visitors, the industry, the environment and host communities

4. tourism economics and policy

4.1. source:google <tourism economics and policy>

4.1.1. combines a comprehensive treatment of economic concepts and applications in tourism contexts. tourism demand and forecasting; tourism supply and pricing measuring tourism's economic contribution measuring the impacts and benefits of changes in tourism demand cost benefit analysis

5. emergence of the paradigm

5.1. source:Youtube

5.1.1. FIji runs 100% solar power equipped rainwater capture eliminate using single-used plastic bottles

5.1.2. Bhutan remain local resident relatively untouched principle:"high value, low impact"

6. green consumer

6.1. source:Youtube

6.1.1. look for restaurants serving locally sourced food

6.1.2. buy locally made souvenir

6.1.3. search for sustainable hotel

7. Destination sustainability

7.1. community empowerment

7.2. .

7.3. ideal sustainability models

7.3.1. source:article 3 Sustainability Models 3-legged stool model 3-nested-dependencies model 3-overlapping-circles model

8. types of tourism

8.1. source:learning hub

8.1.1. Alternative tourism (AT), or small-scale tourism tourist products or individual tourist services, different from mass tourism by means of supply, organization and the human resources involved.

8.1.2. conventional mass tourism sector

9. components of the tourism industry

9.1. transportation

9.2. accommodation

9.3. attractions

9.4. tour operator

10. how to promote sustainable tourism?

10.1. main points

10.1.1. developing and managing tourism activities.

10.1.2. Protecting natural environments, wildlife and natural resources

10.2. source:Youtube

10.2.1. industry partnership business destination nonprofitable organizations charity

10.3. individuals

10.4. government

11. by managing components of tourism industry

12. consumers effects