My Family and Other Animals

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My Family and Other Animals by Mind Map: My Family and Other Animals

1. Family Durrell

1.1. Mother

1.1.1. Lovie She is widow

1.2. Dog Roger

1.3. Child

1.3.1. Leslie He is 19 years old

1.3.2. Margo The only daughter. She is 18 years old

1.3.3. Gerald The youngest soon. 10 years old. He loves the animals.

1.3.4. Larry He is the oldest soon. He is 23 years old. He loce shot with his guns.

2. In America, the weather was bad, because all the family were ill after July, so they decided:

2.1. Live in another place

2.1.1. Corfu But when the spring arrives they moved to another place And when the spring ends, they moved another one because his grand aunt want to live with the family

2.1.2. But during the trip... They stopped in Pension Suisse to sleep, and want a house for stay in it. but, what's the problem with all the houses that she has visited?