Human Resource Managment

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Human Resource Managment by Mind Map: Human Resource Managment

1. The importance of HRM

1.1. A significant source of competitive advantage

1.2. A vital part of organizational strategies

1.3. Adding value to the company

2. HRM Process

2.1. External factors

2.1.1. Employee Labour Union

2.1.2. Governmental Laws and Regulations

2.1.3. Demographic trends

2.2. 3 Phases , 8 steps

2.2.1. Identifying & selecting competent employees HRM Planning Having enough the number of qualified employees Avoiding sudden talent shortages and surpluses Steps Recruitment / Decruitment Recruitment : recruiting new applicants ( e-cruitment _popular) Decruitment: cutting down or reducing the surplus of employees Selection ( after receiving CV) Ensuring that most good candidates are hires Requiring Managers' CAREfullness Validity and Reliability Selection devices

2.2.2. Providing employees with up-to-date skills and knowledge Orientation Transiting a new employee into the org Training An important HRM activity ( demands, changes...) Types of Training Methods

2.2.3. Retaining competent and high-performing employees Employee Performance Management: Establishing performance standards and appraising employee performance to arrive at and support Objective HR decisions Compensation and Benefits Types of compensation Advantages of a Fair, effective and appropriate compensation System Career development Definition Comparing Boundaryless Career

3. Current issues in HRM

3.1. Managing downsizing

3.1.1. The planned elimination of Jobs

3.1.2. Ways: providing open and honest communication, assistance to thoes employees, counseling to surviving them...

3.2. Managing work force diversity

3.2.1. Widening the recruitment net for divesity

3.2.2. Selection without discrimination

3.2.3. Porviding effective orientation and traing

3.3. Managing sexual harassment

3.4. Work- life balance

3.5. Controlling HR costs

3.5.1. Employ health- care

3.5.2. Employee pension plans