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1. Introduction to perception.

1.1. The process of receiving, selecting, organizing, interpreting, checking and reacting to sensory stimuli or data

2. Perceptual Process

2.1. Selective Attention

2.2. Organization and interpretation

2.3. Attitudes and behavior

3. Social Identity Theory

3.1. Social identity – identifying ourselves in terms of the groups to which we belong (country, state of origin, employer). Personal identity – characteristics that make you unique and distinct from people in any particular group.

4. Stereotyping in organizations

4.1. Process of assigning traits to people based on their membership in a social category.

5. Attribution theory

5.1. The perceptual process of deciding whether an observed behavior or event is caused largely by the person (internal) or by the environment (external factors).

6. Self-fulfilling prophecy

6.1. Occurs when our expectation about another person cause that person to act in a way that is consistent with those expectations- our perceptions can influence reality.

7. Other perceptual error

8. Improving perception

9. Introduction to learning

9.1. A relatively permanent change in behavior (or behavior tendency) that occurs as a result of a person’s interaction with the environment.

10. Three perspectives of learning

10.1. Behavior Modifications

10.2. Social learning theory

10.3. Experiential learning