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Tech Turn-Off 2012 by Mind Map: Tech Turn-Off 2012
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Tech Turn-Off 2012

Pre Turn-Off Survey

Media & Tech Use for Logging Purposes


Pre Turn-Off Discussion


Why/why not do this?

Previous experiences Turned-off

Post Turn-Off Reflections Blog

Draft in Google Docs

Post video reflections to Vimeo Account

Ms. F & Mr. R will approve videos & posts for the website

In one sentence, describe the role of media & technology in your life.

Fahrenheit 451 tie-ins

Optional: Every kid take their one most interesting reflective point, and add it to a group video production. You only have 5 seconds to summarize your point.

During the Turn-Off

Think about unintentional media exposure

Think about connections between our world and that of Fahrenheit 451