Indonesian distance learning⚠

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Indonesian distance learning⚠ by Mind Map: Indonesian distance learning⚠

1. Social Community

1.1. lockdown occurred in various places

1.2. an appeal to avoid crowds

1.3. people keep their distance from each other

1.4. society suspects each other

1.5. racial discrimination

2. H

2.1. travel restrictions

2.2. closure of tourist attractions

2.3. unstable ticket prices

3. Definition

3.1. temporary holiday

3.2. learn online

3.3. elimination of extracurricular activities

4. Economic Productivity

4.1. decrease in the amount of production

4.2. share prices plummeted

4.3. instability of the world economy

4.4. Prices for masks,food & handsanitizers soar

5. Humanitarian Crisis

5.1. stockpiling masks and food

5.2. raise prices for masks, food and handsanitizers

5.3. Criminalities

5.4. mass killing of animals