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Depression by Mind Map: Depression

1. Will lost interest with what we usually enjoy

1.1. where are your supporting details???

2. where are your supporting details?

3. Introduction

3.1. There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds

3.2. where's your thesis statement?

3.3. Depression is a common and serious mental illness that will badly effect how we feel and how we act

3.3.1. Depression will cause feeling of sadness. We will lost interest with what usually enjoy and it will cause amnesia

4. main idea 1

4.1. Feeling of sadness

4.1.1. Supporting detail

4.1.2. always crying

4.1.3. feeling lonely feeling useless

5. main idea 2

6. main idea 3

6.1. Will cause amnesia

7. conclusion

7.1. express your feeling with trustworthy people

7.2. go to counselor

7.2.1. f

7.3. go to travel