3440:002--Cohort 1 Week 9: Cyber Crime

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3440:002--Cohort 1 Week 9: Cyber Crime by Mind Map: 3440:002--Cohort 1 Week 9: Cyber Crime

1. Your thoughts on Cybercrime

1.1. It is crazy how many loopholes lead to other loopholes in technology (USU video guy who lost his identity)

1.2. Are there limits? Do we know?

1.2.1. Dude with quantum mechanics that could create an algorithm to decryption

1.3. The film: The Interview, North Koreans hacked Sony to retaliate against folks for making fun of North Korea.

1.4. Nuclear Plant in Iran being shutdown

1.4.1. Coding for one small piece to make everything else go wrong.

1.5. You do not even need to be connected to the internet to have cybercrime to be committed against you.

1.6. How does this stuff make you feel?

1.6.1. Terrified

1.6.2. Feel like there would be more worry if I was in a position in power or if you have secrets

1.6.3. Crazy, because everything we use is electronic so it impacts everyone

1.6.4. Shut down all of the electronics, but is there anyway you can be safe still.

1.7. Is there a way to break-away from this threat?

2. Government and Cybercrime

2.1. Proactive vs. Reactive

2.2. Who should regulate feds, state, corporations, the people

2.3. You cannot really be proactive to a threat that you cannot fully comprehend yet

3. Cluster Systems Map

3.1. The internet

3.1.1. accessible to all

3.1.2. mobile and stationary users (different platforms)

3.1.3. websites and social media

3.1.4. companies that own space on the internet

3.1.5. international policies China Limited Access to content

3.1.6. Government

3.1.7. MONEY--shops, etc.