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1. The Most Important Things In Teenager Life.

1.1. Introduction

1.1.1. “Young people are in a condition like permanent intoxication, because youth is sweet and they are growing”

1.1.2. Turning into a teenager is not an easy thing for every individual. When we enter the world of adolescence, we need to be prepared and brave to overcome all the obstacles and trials that we will face.

1.2. Main Idea 1

1.2.1. Relationship With Family Do not neglect family members If we used doing it, it is not impossible that the relationship between us and the family becoming strained Put family as the first priority before anything else. Believe it or not no matter what happen, family will always be the people who closest to us Ensuring family relationships remain close. So that our family is always happy and can avoid any conflicts or family problems Ask parent permission before do anything that never have done before. Usually they will know if that one particular thing is good or bad for us

1.2.2. The most importance things which will play a big role in teenager life are relationship with family, social life and life plan.

1.3. Main Idea 2

1.3.1. Social Life Having good friends as moral support It's because because our time will be spent a lot with friends Be careful in choosing friends If we do not care about with whom we friends with, we will regret it later Not easily influence by bad things We need to think wisely before do something that we rarely do Limiting exposure about personal privacy to outsiders We cannot fully trust the people we have just met

1.4. Main Idea 3

1.4.1. Life plan Proper plans to achieve success. Choosing and organizing the life journey we dream of as a reference for the future Make prudent and wise decisions for the future plan Ask for expert help so that we do not make mistakes in choosing a career or future Ensure that every thing that is done will benefit in the future It is not wrong to spend time doing things we love but we must always be careful and make sure it will help us later

1.5. Conclusion

1.5.1. Every teenager out there must be mentally and physically ready to go through adolescence successfully

1.5.2. In conclusion, having good relationship with family, social life and life plan are important to teenagers for their wellness.