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Education by Mind Map: Education

1. American education

1.1. college

1.1.1. undergraduate

1.1.2. private, small and with a specific focus: for example, with a humanitarian or technical

1.2. university

1.2.1. undergraduate 3-4 years study after school

1.2.2. graduate 1-2 years study after undergraduate

1.2.3. postgraduate

1.2.4. private

1.2.5. public designed to train residents of a particular state

2. British education

2.1. the system of higher education in the UK is three-tiered

2.1.1. undergraduate

2.1.2. graduate

2.1.3. postgraduate

2.2. universities and colleges

2.2.1. All those who have studied in the UK must pass the "A-levels"exams to enter the university

2.2.2. Further education colleges also offer training courses that prepare graduates with a degree theoretical course research course

2.3. Correspondence education

2.3.1. The principle of independence is the basis of distance learning programs. Some courses allow students to build their studies at their own discretion.

2.3.2. Teacher assistance is provided by regular mail or e-mail. Other means of communication are beginning to be used for distance education: television, video, Internet.

2.3.3. The first idea to organize distance learning was voiced in 1926 by British scientist John Clark Stobart (JC Stobart), when he was director of educational programs at the BBC.