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Teachers by Mind Map: Teachers

1. I love being around with the children, learning and growing in knowledge. Mostly, I love being in school with them.

2. I love getting to see the student's individual strengths and talents. Also, I like helping children by being an active and supportive teacher. It helps children to learn more about education and it reminds them that education is the most important thing in the world and without education, we cannot do anything. They want to know that education and knowledge are important in our lives.

3. I have an interest for the teacher, and I know i will always support the children and learning more about it. they will get students excited and interested about what they are learning. Being a teacher is very proud when they are teaching children and student get succeed teacher is the first person who get happy by seeing their student going up.

4. I will get know by learning more about English that will help me to get in this career field.

5. it will be little difficult to teach the many student at once, but i will take some time to teach them if possible. Also, I am an active and patient person so it will be less difficult for me to teach children. I will always be happy when I will help children to achieve their goals.

6. I believe that this career is good for me since i love to teach children. Also, it will be helpful for me to have a better future and to teach my future children.