Student Interview

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Student Interview by Mind Map: Student Interview

1. General Information

1.1. school is going "ok"

1.2. happy with his film editing class

1.3. not a fan of biology

1.4. has a girlfriend now!

1.5. has been able to get a lot closer with the friends he does see now

1.6. has voted in the upcoming election

2. Comprehension

2.1. correctly defined how Donald Trump feels about the WHO and the actions he took as a result of this

3. Use of Skills

3.1. Thinks that John Oliver is both credible AND biased

3.2. he knows that the show is well researched and the citations are clearly provided

3.3. does acknowledge that Oliver's left leaning ideologies cause him to view others to the right of the political spectrum more critically

3.4. thinks that the effects of Trump's decision regarding WHO opens a road for big pharma companies to take advantage of consumers in the US

3.5. says that when envisioning an anti-globalist it would be tempting to envision a "redneck" but this is a bit of a fallacy

3.6. Thinks that wealthy people are the ones who truly capitalize off of anti-globalism and seek to capitalize off of small minded attitudes to further their own objectives

4. Background knowledge on globalization

4.1. first learned about it in AP World History

4.2. how economies and cultures reach around the world and spread their influence

4.3. can be seen with mcdonalds popping up around the world

4.4. can also be seen with movies like Kill Bill being made in America but taking a lot of points from foreign film making

4.5. familiar with the: UN, WHO, Doctors Without Borders/ left out a couple of larger ones like NATO, WTO etc.

4.6. pro-globalization, but acknowledges that it can be a double edged sword

4.7. feels that because of the way he appreciates movies and art in general that globalization and the spread of ideas is an overall positive process