apari Performance control & KPI landscape

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apari Performance control & KPI landscape by Mind Map: apari Performance control & KPI landscape

1. Growth Team

1.1. Overall Structure

1.1.1. Attract Visibility SEMRush Index Keywords as traffic source Traffic Sessions Total (HubSpot) Brand awareness Follower by platform Impressions by platform

1.1.2. Contact Base by Segment by source Multipliers Social Organic by campaign by country UK DE

1.1.3. Customer Journey sign-up page open signup completed Mail opens Signup confirmed (mail activiation) Onboarding completed Active user (PQL) New Revenue by month (MRR)

1.1.4. Delight Community Traffic Subscriber Engagement (Comments, Likes etc.) Top 5 best performing Topics NPS active Users PMF Score active Users Churn Rate Product Referrals New Tech Support Tickets New Accounting Support Tickets

1.1.5. Costs per Result Cost per month Internal Costs Supplier (Retainer) Licences Paid Media Partner & Multiplier Cost per session Total costs / Total sessions Cost per Sign-Up Total costs / Total Sign-Ups Client Acquisition Costs (CAC) Total costs / Signup completed CAC / ARR (anual recurring revenue)

1.1.6. Sales new Multiplier won new Strategic Partner won

1.1.7. Convert Leads (Freemium) Source Market Segment Signup Contact Base

1.1.8. Close CVR MQL SQL Opportunity Customer

1.2. Campaigns

1.2.1. 2020/2021 UK Branding & Awareness UK Landlords LeadGen UK Landlords_Allianz LeadGen UK Drivers LeadGen UK Tradesman UK Hair & Beauty DACH Branding & Awareness Studenten LeadGen Kurzarbeiter LeadGen

1.3. Drill down

1.3.1. by Campaign

1.3.2. by Market/Country)

1.3.3. by Segment (occupation) Self-Employed Angestellte Drivers Landlords Hair & beauty Fitness

1.3.4. by source Multiplier (referral) Allianz HMRC Paid Organic Direct Social

1.3.5. By Product MTD MTD Premium Jellyfish Companion

1.4. KPIs for a later stage

1.4.1. SaaS Metrics 2.0 – Detailed Definitions

2. Product Team

2.1. Prozesse

2.1.1. Arbeitszimmer

2.1.2. ist mir egal / nicht

2.1.3. Was kann ich absetzen?

2.2. Prozzese

2.2.1. Top 3-5 Perfomer

2.2.2. Low 3-5 perfomer

2.2.3. % erfolgreichen Qualifikation

2.2.4. Welche Hilfstexte werden angezeigt?

2.2.5. Total submission Tax Reports fillings (Conversion) [Conversion from Marketing]

2.3. Review prozesse

2.3.1. Welche Prozesse werden in der Review nochmals aufgeschlüsselt?

2.4. Onboarding

2.4.1. Onboarding Funnel Progess Wann springst du

2.4.2. Sign-on aps?

2.4.3. Welche Schwerpunkte hast du für deine Steuern?

2.5. Activity

2.5.1. MAU

2.5.2. WAU

2.5.3. DAU

2.6. Device usage

2.6.1. Which devices are used?

2.6.2. When are which devices being used?

3. Personal KPIs

3.1. Diana

3.2. Niklas

3.3. Stefan

3.4. Anish

4. Board

5. Worksession 29.10

5.1. Agenda & Key Results

5.1.1. We have defined our KPIs

5.1.2. We defined our Campaigns till Q1 2021

5.1.3. Projekte & Prios Zendesk Call with Jason Next: Define Use Cases Styleguide: Freigabe Macht Strichpunkt Vorlage für Kampagnenplanung

5.1.4. Retainer UK Wir sollen November mit aufnehmen? Retainer ab Dezember für 6 Monate Optimierung Zusammenarbeit Sprint planning RASCI Ansätze Upfront Payment 6 monate

5.2. Next Steps

5.2.1. BEE we create the Performance control We create funnel reports (live reports) to share Create HubSpot Campaigns

5.2.2. apari licences Data Studio? Databox? nexoya

5.3. Backlog

5.3.1. Landingpage apari EU - One Pager

5.3.2. Semrush setup KW definieren

5.3.3. Product intelligence tool EU compliance sicherstellen Saas-pricing - Kissmetrics

5.3.4. Build first Performance Control MVP Define owner for each KPIs Define Ruleset for Campaigns No activity w/o an assigned campaign No campaign w/o an assigned Key Result Campaigns are (generally) always targeted at spefic segments

5.3.5. Website Migration Offerte Task

5.3.6. NPS abfragen Service modul

5.3.7. PMF Score berechnen https://firstround.com/review/how-superhuman-built-an-engine-to-find-product-market-fit/

5.3.8. Product Lead Growth ermöglichen Stefan

5.3.9. Define costs more precisely how do we calculate & attriubute internal costs

5.3.10. Tasks Landingpage apari EU - One Pager Semrush setup Product intelligence tool Build first Performance Control MVP Website Migration NPS abfragen PMF Score berechnen Product Lead Growth ermöglichen Define costs more precisely

6. Legende Tools

6.1. HubSpot Integrated Reporting Tool

6.1.1. Homepage

6.1.2. SSO

6.1.3. Landing pages

6.1.4. Blog Content Hosted on SquareSpace CMS

6.1.5. Product Pages (sub-domains)

6.2. Hotjar

6.2.1. Heatmap Functionality

6.3. Google Analytics

6.3.1. Website Customized Views Customized Attributed and deeper tracking Creation of funnels Creation of customized goals with value attribution

6.3.2. SSO

6.4. Google Search Console/Keyword Hero

6.4.1. Website Crawling website for errors Analytics Tool for untracked pages

6.4.2. SSO

6.5. Google Tag Manager

6.5.1. Website Integration of tracking pixels (events) Creation of customized pixels

6.5.2. SSO

6.6. Google Data Studio

6.6.1. Reporting Master Tool HubSpot Data (CMS Pages) Google Analytics (Funnel + Pixels measuring events) Keyword Hero (Most performing inbound keywords) Hotjar (best performing CTA's - most attractive content) Google Tag Manager to implement events tracking and pixels SemRush to track page authority and best referrals

6.7. Semrush

6.7.1. SEO Analytics Tool but I reckon we do not need it integrated unless "Page performance" is a important KPI's (benchmark with competition)

6.8. Apari Software (The product itself)

6.8.1. Product

6.9. Product Intelligence Tool

6.9.1. Product

6.9.2. TBD

6.10. Next Steps

6.10.1. Entscheid bzgl. Tools

6.10.2. Entscheid welches GA tool

6.10.3. RACI bzgl. Tools SSO auf Tool Seite Michel Setup Tools generel - iterative Ansatz? Erstellung von MVP Dashboard gemäss Anforderungen auf HubSpot Anbindung von HubSpot zu Google Data Studio ODER Nexoya Zugriff für APARI users definieren Review mit APARI - Sammlung von neuen Anforderungen

6.10.4. Data Anforderungen Accurate Data? Reportable Data? Data Protection? Concerns raised by Stefan Angermüller (APARI)

6.11. Architecture