3440:002--Cohort 2 Week 9: Cybercrime

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3440:002--Cohort 2 Week 9: Cybercrime by Mind Map: 3440:002--Cohort 2 Week 9: Cybercrime

1. Cybercrime

1.1. Emotions, feelings, & gut reactions

1.2. What did you learn from this week's content?

1.2.1. Privacy, oh these apps that I have on my phone, Facebook wants to use my microphone, should I click yes? I do.

1.2.2. Surprised, that we didn't talk about TikTok. There are differences between shopping habits and personal information.

1.2.3. Tesla--Russia, Tesla employees offer up information about Tesla (maybe codes), hack into hack into Tesla's mainframe to take control of it. The employee went to the top and stopped the hack (KSL)

1.2.4. How many things are connected to the internet (e.g., water, gas, etc.) if you do not put safeguards in there could be issues.

1.2.5. Utah Public Radio: Cyber attack that has been done on hospitals (US/UK) using ransomware and taking databases and encrypting them so that the public cannot access them and having ransoms so that people couldn't access the info. and one person has already died because of this.

1.2.6. North Korean hackers steal from banks around the world and there are also scammers all around the world

1.3. Corporations vs. the Individual

1.3.1. It is easy to decipher between the idea of cybercrime and corporations OR privacy information (e.g., Target cards) for individuals

1.3.2. Stores won't sell you stuff unless you want it.

1.3.3. Corporations won't start-up without the people--corporations could start-up things that could want to get hacked into Some companies are willing to sell your information to third party and who knows how they will use it, while it isn't technically illegal that should be illegal.

1.3.4. Cybercrime--second or third party that wants POWER--corporation trying to steal information (e.g., cash from your bank account) Different from corporations because they have assets and the party wants the access

1.3.5. Corporations--POWER

1.4. Is trafficking part of cybercrime (e.g., selling stuff, child pornography)

1.4.1. In the US this could be considered as a cybercrime, but it can be hard to charge you because you can be anonymous online.