Promote sustainable tourism

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Promote sustainable tourism by Mind Map: Promote sustainable tourism

1. impacts of mass tourism

1.1. Source: Google

1.2. Keywords: mass tourism effects

1.2.1. Results: The effects of mass tourism: A case study from Manavgat Environmental effects: overconsumption of natural resources and more waste to be managed, more pollution (greenhouse has emissions, air, water pollution...) Social effects: construction of major infrastructures (roads, hotels...) which favors the rural exodus, and the abandonment by local populations of entire regions in favor of tourist centers

2. locals are disadvantaged by mass tourism

2.1. Source: YouTube

2.2. Keywords: downside of mass tourism

2.2.1. Results: Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism | DW Documentary Thailand and the fallout from mass tourism | DW Documentary The locals in popular tourist resorts barely benefit from the huge numbers of vacationers: small local restaurants lose out when big tour operators take their guests on all-inclusive excursions

3. definition of sustainable development

3.1. Source: Google

3.2. Keywords: definition sustainable development

3.2.1. Results: The Brundtland Report “Sustainable development is a development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”.

4. how to be sustainable on vacations

4.1. Source: Google

4.2. Keywords: how to sustainable tourism

4.2.1. Results: Sustainable tourism explained: What, why and where Sustainable tourism explained: What, why and where - Tourism Teacher Take the train not the airplane Ride a bike as often as you can Buy organic and local food and products Choose an eco-friendly accommodation

5. sustainable tourism marketing

5.1. Source: Google

5.2. Keywords: marketing for sustainable tourism

5.2.1. Results: How to Communicate Sustainable Tourism Products Effectively to Customers, an explorative study Make stronger connections to the destination: highlight heritage values and foster cultural foster sensitivity Raise awareness and educate: give actual facts about mass tourism, what impact they could have by doing sustainable tourism Be original and creative: customized messages, use social media

6. sustainable tourism through sport

6.1. Source: emlyon's Learning Hub

6.2. Keywords: sport sustainable tourism

6.2.1. Results: Sport Tourism and Local Sustainable Development, a book edited by Claude Sobry The economy of outdoor sports is a territorial asset that can promote a local form of activation of these activities, centered on the resource.

7. The world is slowly dying because of human activities. It is important to think about the environmental quality we and our future generations will be living in. Promoting sustainable tourism is part of this reflection: why promote it, how to promote it?

8. Can tourism ever be sustainable?

9. organisations are becoming more and more numerous

9.1. Source: Google

9.2. Keywords: sustainable tourism businesses

9.3. Results: Sustainable tourism and responsible travel – with Vicky Smith Sustainable tourism and responsible travel – with Vicky Smith

9.3.1. Earth Changers is an award-winning travel website and “purpose-first” business which highlights sustainable, ethical and responsible tourism

10. sustainable tourism economic benefits

10.1. Source: Google

10.2. Keywords: sustainable tourism economic benefits

10.2.1. Results: Benefits of Sustainable Coastal Tourism Sustainable Tourism - Benefits Of Sustainable Coastal Tourism Foreign exchange earnings, contributions to government revenues, generation of employment and business opportunities in local areas

11. sustainable tourism emotional benefits

11.1. Source: YouTube

11.2. Keywords: sustainable tourism experiences

11.2.1. Results: How 'traveling like a local' can help cities fight overtourism | Janek Rubes | TEDxDrewUniversity Youtube channels have been created to learn how to live like a local Unforgettable and unique travail memories are created it opens up your vision about the world, you don't see only what people want you to see

12. mass tourism and sustainable tourism costs

12.1. Source: Google

12.2. Keywords: costs sustainable tourism

12.2.1. Result: In other words,” write the researchers, “the cost to create a sustainable tourism sector compatible with global climate policy is approximately equal to many already existing tourism taxes and fees.