Facilitate safe migration of people

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Facilitate safe migration of people by Mind Map: Facilitate safe migration of people

1. Things that make migration safer

1.1. NGO

1.1.1. Keywords "ONG aidant migrants" Google

1.1.2. Pourquoi n'y a-t-il plus aucun bateau d'ONG aidant les migrants actif en Méditerranée ? Struggle and hard time for NGO: legal and financial problems.

1.2. Courageous and helpful people

1.2.1. Keywords "bateau migrants Banksy mediterranée" Google

1.2.2. Un navire pour secourir les migrants en Méditerranée : le dernier projet du street-artiste Banksy There are ways to help migrants but this isn't welcomed by governments. With money we can help and pay for people that can save them.

1.2.3. Keywords "court métrage migration" Google

1.2.4. Je suis un migrant (Court-métrage Nikon Film Festival 2015) (HD) Interesting, it helps to realise people can't help everyone and have to make hard choices. (here a woman helps a family and to secure them she chooses not to help another man)

1.3. Well prepared governments and migrant services

1.3.1. Keywords "politique migratoire en progrès" Google

1.3.2. Sauver des vies en mer et s'attaquer aux réseaux criminels Even if governments aren't doing their best to help migrants, they DO have some projects that help them.

1.4. Why migrants don't have a better access to these helpful services ?????

1.4.1. Maybe information could be the key, the service we could provide migrants with to move in a safer wat

2. Migration of people

2.1. Migrants today

2.1.1. Migrants today in France Keyword "Migration" Youtube Catherine Wihtol de Wenden - Les migrations au XXIe siècle-Les Experts du Dessous des cartes | ARTE (Catherine Wihtol de Wenden - Les migrations au XXIe siècle-Les Experts du Dessous des cartes | ARTE Big evolution

2.1.2. Migrants today in the world

2.2. Migrants in the past VS today

2.2.1. Keywords "Catherine Withol de Wenden Ted" Youtube

2.2.2. La mondialisation des migrations | Catherine Wihtol de Wenden | TEDxBelfort (La mondialisation des migrations | Catherine Wihtol de Wenden | TEDxBelfort Huge evolution. First on the transportation mode. Second on numbers : mass migration. Evolution of migration : not only from poor countries to rich countries, but also between many rich countries. New causes : work, environment.... Bc new rights worldwide, that help migration (mainly bt rich countries). But : easy to leave a country, but hard to enter a country. Powerful countries rule migrations. Causes of migration : INEGALITY . But inequality also on the right to move : rich countries allow their citizen to travel, but other CAN'T legally.

2.3. Migrants in the future

2.3.1. Keyword "Migrations de demain" Google

2.3.2. Les migrations environnementales : un nouvel objet d’enseignement — Géoconfluences It is a new topic that awakens, it's slowly growing. But it will be a huge topic tomorrow, and affect the entire planet. We should focus more on it, by studying it and by making students more aware of it.

3. Facilitate safe migration

3.1. dangerous migration ?

3.1.1. Keyword "nombre de morts migrations" Google

3.1.2. Combien de migrants sont morts en Méditerranée ? Où sont-ils enterrés ? Impressive...

3.2. safe migration ?

3.2.1. Keyword "fuite des cerveaux" Google

3.2.2. Fuite des cerveaux : une guerre internationale des talents Huge topic. My point by using this article is to show some migrants are allowed and encourage to go to other countries while others aren't welcomed. Inequalities between migrants that are educated and others. Inequalities between educated migrants who come from rich countries and other. It seems that most educated migrants are allowed to have a safe migration. But it also depends on the source of migration

3.3. Reality of migration : unsafe

3.3.1. No keyword, I just new this topic

3.3.2. Le voyage d’une migrante syrienne à travers son fil WhatsApp From Syria to Germany. Hard journey, strong link bt families and friends. But dangerous : smugglers aren't trustworthy. Some people help migrants, other don't. Since legal border crossing is unpossible, border crossing has to be illegal. Provide more help ? They get help in Germany. But there are several problems : struggle to get legal help, racism... NO INFORMATION How to know better where to go exactly ? How to know better how to get some help ? How to know what our rights truly are ?BETTER INFORMATION MAY BE A KEY ?

3.4. What goal ? Is there disappointment ?

3.4.1. Keyword "Migration rêve vs réalité" Google

3.4.2. Un travail au Mexique, un "autre rêve" devient réalité pour certains migrants de la caravane Evolution. Dream of USA but impossible --> evolution, find work in Mexico. But goal is achieved: safe and with some money.

4. UNO - Goal 10: Reduce inequality within and among countries


5.1. Keyword "politique migratoire Australie"

5.1.1. Google

5.2. L'Australie, pionnière de l'immigration par points

5.2.1. Hard policy doesn't mean countries don't welcome migrants

5.3. As students, we can't have a powerful and global impact on migration policies

5.3.1. Find other ways

6. Smugglers

6.1. "Passeurs migrants"

6.1.1. Google

6.2. « Passeurs », les nouveaux esclavagistes

6.2.1. Illegal, appaling conditions...

7. How to be safe in migrants camp with coronavirus ?

7.1. Keywords "corona sécurisation migrants"

7.1.1. Google

7.2. Coronavirus : La sécurisation anti-migration ?

7.2.1. There is a manipulation of the current pandemic to reduce migration. The real need isn't to curb migration but to take good measures with other actors, to make safe both the population and migrants.

8. Given all these stakes, I would like to know to what extent better information can help save migrants lives and facilitate their safe migration ?

8.1. It could make them feel better and safer, and avoid many risks (though information can't prevent all risks). Information could be something we could give them as students, as an asset to access better help, rights, or even itinerary.