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GA Magento Tracking Requirements by Mind Map: GA Magento Tracking
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GA Magento Tracking Requirements


Measurement protocol?

Newsletter signup

For example for refunds

Checkout error messages

Customer (anonymous)

See suggestions for visitor custom variables below

Total orders made

Lifetime spend

Cohort YQM

Newsletter preferences

Orders/Product Views



Layered navigation - selected values


Checkout method

See suggestions for session custom variables

Payment method


Shipping method


Micro conversion

Add to Cart

Saw Cart

Entered offer code

Started Checkout

Added Review

Macro conversion

Completed Checkout, Server-side data, Product, Profit, Margin

Look to Book (see GA Enhanced Ecommerce)

Hi Tim, Hope you don;t mind I added a look to book requirement. One of my favourites for e-commerce. Cheers, Al Wightman Totally fine, Al. The whole point of this thing is to share and brainstorm.

Consider tracking of 'off site' conversions. See Github extension:


Big potential for improving user experience

Login failed

Offercode rejected

Dynamic: offercode used, so you can spot typing mistakes and correct

Error pages 40x 50x etc

Use URI, not title, so it can appear in standard reports, goals and intelligent alerts

NB: it is currently possible to use GA profile filters to get the same result, but would be preferable not to have to bother

Include URI requested for correcting

Custom dimensions / metrics ideas


Visit type, Browse - unrecognised, Browse - recognised, Checkout - new guest, Checkout - new sign-up, Checkout - sign-in

Order, Count of order lines


Visitor value, Count of orders, Value of orders

Page / Content Grouping



Product SKU


2014 Magento Wish List

Big Moves

Move to GTM

Move to Enhanced Ecommerce

Move to Universal Analytics


Add to cart tracking (standard with Enhanced Ecommerce), Add to Wishlist / Compare

Content grouping for category, sub-category and product pages ('lists' in Enhanced Ecommerce), Regular URI pattern would also make possible targeting for a/b tests using Optmizely, VWO etc

Customer ID tracking (anonymous) in Universal Analytics

Error message tracking, Checkout validation, Registration validation, Product level error - quantity / required fields

Checkout journey type tracking: guest, sign-in, new account

Site Search, Identify zero results searches so we can use to improve navigation and I/A

Offer / promotion codes, Offercode accepted (with code), Offercode rejected (with code)