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Serengeti by Mind Map: Serengeti

1. number of animals

1.1. buffalo population increase dramatically.

1.2. wildebeest population increase dramatically.

1.2.1. peaked at 1.4 million

1.2.2. 2 things could affect population more food regulate more then predators less predators

1.2.3. to conclude that it is from bottom up you can check the fat on body

1.2.4. food kept getting less until reaching a peak in 1977

1.2.5. migrate to where there is more water in dry season

1.2.6. the migration of the wildebeest is affected by the amount of food that is located at that specific time also affected by the amount of predators in that area with predators not being able to move as much the wildebeest take advantage of this.

1.3. disease might be the cause of the population increase.

1.4. does wildebeest affect the amount of fires?

1.4.1. the more wildebeest the less the fires

1.4.2. fire need dry grass but with more wildebeest the less dry grass

2. Vocab

2.1. migration

2.1.1. animals travelling to a different place

2.2. bottom up regulation

2.2.1. limited by food supply

2.3. top down regulation

2.3.1. regulated from the predators

2.4. keystone species

2.4.1. organism that helps hold the system together

2.5. trophic cascade

2.5.1. when species are removed that create a ecological imbalance

2.6. density dependent regulation

2.6.1. growth rates are regulated by the density of a population

3. changes in wildebeest population was the cause of so many aspects of the serengeti such as the animals, fires, grasslands, and just overall ecosystems