Improve Doc Archival Process

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Improve Doc Archival Process by Mind Map: Improve Doc Archival Process

1. Reducing Redundancy

1.1. Remove duplicate system entries in GVault & CRMS

2. Roles and Responsibility

2.1. Department Managed Record

2.1.1. Departments verify their own work eliminates RM responsibility to verify docs

2.2. departments decide which documents they should scan for reference

2.3. Record owners process in GVault

2.4. departments manage entire archival process (like GSIUC)

3. Risk Assessment

3.1. Determine critical records that need scanning

3.1.1. Determine doc types that inspector may request for originals

3.2. Specify what records must be archived

4. streamlining process

4.1. Eliminate scanning

4.2. eliminate archival in GVault

4.3. limit process to CRMS

4.4. only scan upon check out

5. implement true copy

5.1. Do not archive original

5.2. clarify when originals can be destroyed

5.3. Embedded DC in department as True Copy Verifier

6. electronic approval

6.1. Wider adaption of GVault approvals

6.1.1. executed forms

6.2. Wider adaption of DocuSign

6.2.1. DocuSign is not a repository, will need a process to retain the original electronic record (eliminates physical archival)

7. Implement record Destruction

7.1. empower to follow process (record retention policy tells us when to destroy original record)), currently no one is willing to destroy documents