Keyboarding Portfolio

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Keyboarding Portfolio by Mind Map: Keyboarding Portfolio

1. Students will learn how to properly format business documents.

1.1. Memo

1.1.1. Format: margins top:2 Bottom: 1 Side: 1 Other Side: 2 double space at top after writing name, who it is to, date, and subject of article write two paragraphs no indentation IF you are typing this up for someone write you initials on a double space away from last sentence Mark enclosure if there is one

1.1.2. for a business situation with the boss if you need to write up something for him or if you need to inform the staff about or in a school situation something you might have to inform the principal about

1.2. Letter

1.2.1. Format Write return address, State and zip code, then the date and triple space after the date then write who it is to, there address, and then there state and zip code and then double space write dear then name and double space to first paragraph double space between all paragraphs triple space after sincerely and write name if someone typed it up for them the put there initials and mark if it has enclosures

1.2.2. you would use this for a long distance work letter if they cannot access email and you could use this just to send to family and friends

1.3. Email

1.3.1. Format State there name then start to type carbon copy is used to send to multiple people at once so that way you don't have to type it out for or five times you can behind carbon copy and send to multiple people and it will not state on one of the documents that you have sent it to multiple people write the receivers name at the top of the document and your name at the very bottom double space both from document

1.3.2. to email a business member for a work related issue/success or to send in a resume for a job interview for dates and times

1.4. Report

1.4.1. Format bound at left margin spacing 0.5 left margin is increased to 1.5 on All pages margins 1 on an unbound copy top margin 2 all the rest 1 center title and write in all caps lock

1.4.2. you would use this at a work site or even at school to write i report for a class

2. Students will be able to demonstrate proper reach, technique and hand placement in order to achieve higher speed and accuracy.

2.1. microtype

2.1.1. Criteria for Keying Use the proper reach for certain letters and perfect grammar so it is easy to read and flows well never for get to use correct format while keying other wise it will not end up very good New node