Erin Dauber

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Erin Dauber by Mind Map: Erin Dauber

1. Vocalist

1.1. Performance

1.1.1. Session work Studio work

1.2. Meet other musicians

1.2.1. Form a band

1.3. Backing vocals for other artists


2.1. Work with new people

2.2. Meet industry professionals

2.3. Venues

2.3.1. Bread Shed Deaf Institute Gorilla

2.4. Become a professional vocalist

2.4.1. Get jobs and more industry connections

2.5. Learn about more genres I like

2.5.1. More job opportunities

2.6. Develop my voice

2.6.1. More appealing as a session vocalist

2.7. Learn to write songs

2.7.1. More job opportunities within the music industry

3. Family

3.1. Oldest Brother

3.1.1. Guitarist/vocalist/songwriter Zebede (his band) Can be their support act

3.2. Sister

3.2.1. Illustrator Merchandise Posters

3.3. Dad

3.3.1. Pianist Saxophonist Songwriter

4. Friends

4.1. LIPA

4.1.1. Bassists Guitarists Could form band?

5. Theory tutor

5.1. Kev Richardson

5.1.1. Plays drums, guitar, and sings Increase theory and vocal knowledge

5.2. Having proof of grade 5 theory, such as an ABRSM certificate, can help me get a job.

5.2.1. Session work Studio work ?

6. College tutor

6.1. Stefanie Bennett

6.1.1. Vocalist Helped me use more vocal techniques Helped my confidence

6.1.2. Aided my decision to go to university She is a session vocalist and is also in a band, she helped me recognise that I wanted to go into session work.

6.1.3. Taught me how to stop curbing with air when singing, which was damaging my vocal cords. This helped me to gain more confidence when singing, and work on projection more. This can help me to widen my vocal range, as I will not be as limited.

6.1.4. Introduced me to the importance of vocal warm ups. Scales using different vowels. "Do Re Me So Fa La Ti Do" in order, then backwards. Then the Indian version, "Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha Ni Sa."

7. Performance Class

7.1. Make bands

7.1.1. Start writing original music Put on original gigs, rather than covers

7.2. Learn new skills

7.2.1. Work with peers to strengthen each other Work together to record tracks