Intersection of Technology & Govt

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Intersection of Technology & Govt by Mind Map: Intersection of Technology & Govt

1. John Bergmayer (Atty)

1.1. Congress starting to use technology to engage public (not partisan)

2. Benjamin Kallos (Atty)

2.1. New Roosevelt (PAC)

2.1.1. Rewriting state constitution

2.1.2. Open Data Bill NYC Lots of data available 2017

2.1.3. Removing corruption from govt

2.1.4. Redistricting reform

2.1.5. Be the "Can do" atty

2.2. DNC

2.2.1. Obama Campaign trying to reactivate


2.3. Getting law students involved in congressional / local campaign

3. Jed Alpert (Atty)

3.1. Mobile Commons

3.1.1. Emerging democracies using technology more aggressively than here

3.1.2. Civic Engagement Govt using tech to interact w/ people around govt areas Advocacy Crowd Sourced Policy Making Politics Politicians comm'g w/ each other to stay in office get re-elected Crowd sourcing to block legislation SOPA & PIPA Text messaging is #1 people communicate Creating useful outcomes not just tech for tech sake

4. Matt Wood (Atty)

4.1. Free Press

4.1.1. Petitioning Emails

4.1.2. Proliferation of channels Congress on Twitter

4.1.3. Let the politics map onto the technology More nimble campaigning Improve politics

5. Nancy Scola (Writer)

5.1. Editor TechPresident

5.1.1. Formed 2007

5.1.2. Intersection of Tech & Politics Open up the political process

5.1.3. Used internet to get work out

5.2. Technology could be useful in changing the way politics works

5.2.1. Chris Hughes (co-founder of Facebook)

5.3. Now w/ Atlantic

5.3.1. How to talk about application of tech to politics in appealing way Need smart lawyers to enable

6. Art Chang

6.1. Assembling tech-oriented policy folks

6.2. Cookster

6.2.1. Starts coys

6.3. Bloomberg appointee to NYC Finance Bd

6.4. Why ok to have 20% turnout in local elections?

6.4.1. People so discconnected with their govt

6.5. Tech has potential to connect people

6.5.1. Activate people

6.5.2. Help them service issues

6.5.3. To be able to find like minded people

6.5.4. Have resonance with elected officials

6.5.5. Give them power of speech w/ 140 characters

7. Jonathan Askin (Professor / Atty) Pulling it all together...

7.1. Most revolutions used attorneys

7.1.1. Civics

7.1.2. Existing "Yea, but" lawyers in a "Why not?" world

7.1.3. Our Goal "Why not?" lawyers in a "Why not?" world How do lawyers become enablers, instead of stoppers

7.1.4. Jed Alpert Began as lawyer Became a technologist

7.1.5. Occupy movement growing