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1. Children

1.1. I will have children.

1.2. I will be happy if my future husband wants to have many children, just like me.

2. Home

2.1. I will live in an apartment.

2.2. My apartment will be big, but with simple furniture.

3. Leisure

3.1. I will always go to the park.

3.2. I will do everything possible to take time off and go to the pool.

4. Traveling

4.1. I will travel to Paris.

4.2. I will know all of Brazil.

4.3. I’m going to travel with my family to Salvador.

5. Friendship

5.1. I will value my friendships, much more than now.

5.2. I will have sincere friends.

6. Career

6.1. I'm going to be a teacher.

7. Marriage

7.1. I will get married one day.

7.2. My husband will be nice and kind.

8. Univrsity

8.1. I'm going to go to college for letters.