How does a school uniform include and support students learning?

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How does a school uniform include and support students learning? by Mind Map: How does a school uniform include and support students learning?

1. Why do some students understand the policy but constantly come out of uniform?

2. Department Of Education

2.1. *How does the department of education provide financial support? *Who is eligible for support? *Why is is important support is provided?

3. Do the consequences actually reinforce school uniform?

4. Class uniform

4.1. Winter

4.1.1. What is the winter uniform?

4.1.2. What are the benefits of having a winter uniform?

4.1.3. Is the winter uniform appropriate?

4.1.4. Do students wear clothes other then school uniform to keep warm? Is this accepted?

4.2. Summer

4.2.1. What is the summer uniform?

4.2.2. What are the benefits of having a summer uniform?

4.2.3. Is the Summer uniform appropriate?

5. Can everyone buy from the second hand shop? When is it open? Are their payment options?

6. Special Needs Students

6.1. How does a school uniform help to include special needs students?

6.2. How does it include those financially disadvantage families?

6.3. Are these students percieved the same as others just because they are in uniform?

7. Different types of funding support

7.1. Centrelink

7.1.1. *How does centrelink support financial disadvantage families? *How much do the families recieve?

7.2. Smith Family

7.2.1. *How does th smith family support inclusion at school? *What financial support do they provide?

7.3. *Why are different types of funding provided? *How do each of these help to support students learning?

8. Uniform Policy

8.1. What is the schools aim of having a school uniform?

8.2. What are the expectations? *Are all students expected to have a uniform? *Are their any exceptions?

8.3. Who created the uiform policy?

8.4. Did students have input?

9. Implemetation of Uniform

9.1. Storyboard

9.1.1. How does the story board help implement school uniform?

9.1.2. Do the students refer to the story board?

9.1.3. New node

10. School Flow Chart

10.1. What are the consequences for being out of school uniform?

10.1.1. Do all teachers follow the flow chart for studets out of uniform?

10.1.2. If a student is excluded from class for being out of school uniform, how is this supporting their learning?

10.1.3. What is of greater importance the student being in class or excluded due to wearing the wrong uniform?

11. Cost

11.1. How much is the school uniform?

11.1.1. Is it exspensive? Are there payment options?

11.2. Is there a second hand uniform shop?

12. Inclusion

12.1. Bullying

12.1.1. Is bullying prevented with the use of school uniform?

12.1.2. If so how is bullying prevented?

12.1.3. What type of bullying may still occur with the use of school uniform? How can we stop this and include these students?

13. Students

13.1. What do the students think of the uniform?

13.2. Do they feel a sense of belonging?

13.3. Do studets think its a fair policy?

13.4. What do students like about wearing school uniforms and what do they dislike?

13.5. Do all students understand the consequences for being out of uniform?

14. Different types of uniform

14.1. Sport

14.1.1. What is the sport uniform?

14.1.2. What is the transition from class uniform to sports uniform?

14.1.3. What are the benefits of having a sports uniform?

14.1.4. What are the disadvantages of having a sports uniform?

14.1.5. How does a sports uniform support students learning and involvment in sport?