Key Points Week 4


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Key Points Week 4 by Mind Map: Key Points Week 4

1. iPad learning centers included in the classroom

1.1. Learning Center a space set in the classroom that allows students to engage in independent and self-directed learning activities

1.2. Differentiation is when tailoring instruction to address students' individual needs

1.2.1. Students that need more help should always start at the teacher center

1.3. Learning centers are beneficial for students because they allow teachers to differentiate instruction

1.3.1. Centers can be used in all areas of the classroom and for all subjects

1.4. The teacher can record the students progress on apps that are used during iPad center time.

1.4.1. Examples: Seesaw or Kidspiration Maps

2. Gamified learning or the gamification of learning

2.1. The use of game design elements in non-game settings, such as a classroom, in order to increase motivation and attention on a task

2.2. With gamified learning, or the creation of gameful experiences, can impact engagement, motivate target behaviors and drive innovation

2.3. Badges are a digital artifact or image that is awarded to individual students upon the completion of an assignment or task or in recognition for the demonstration of specific skills or knowledge; another way, besides grading, to recognize student achievement

2.4. Additive grading is a grading technique commonly used in gamified classrooms where every student starts with zero points (or no grade) and earns points and grades as they complete assignments throughout the school year or grading period

2.5. Leaderboard is the student roster displayed in order based on the number of points awarded; can include student names or be anonymous in order to maintain privacy

2.6. Levels is the grading scheme in a gamified class is made up of levels that students move through as they earn points in the class; each level has a minimum number of points required in order to attain that level; letter grades can be assigned to different levels (i.e. the top level could be considered an A+)

2.7. Locks is when a specific requirement must be met in order to access a particular assignment, task, project or level; for instance, Assignment 2 might be locked until a student earns at least 80% on Assignment 1

3. STEAM Resources (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)

3.1. Mindset of Self-motivation, Thinking, Energizing, Adventure, and Making

3.2. Fixed Mindset is a belief that individual qualities, such as intelligence or talent, are fixed (unchanging) traits

3.3. Grit is a non-cognitive trait comprised of passion and motivation to achieve a particular objective

3.4. Growth Mindset is a belief that individual qualities, such as intelligence or talent, can be developed through dedication and hard work

3.5. Independent Learning is a learning scenario in which the learner takes charge of their own learning (also self-directed learning)

3.6. Mindset is a self-perception that people hold about themselves, such as believing you are intelligent

3.7. Project Based Learning is the use of real-world scenarios, challenges, and problems, to help students gain useful knowledge and skills that increase during their designated project periods