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Our Vision by Mind Map: Our Vision

1. We have a logo list that shows how we are changing the world through some of the largest brands

1.1. At least 40, if not all, of the top 50 CPG are our active clients

1.2. 200+ clients across a variety of industries that we discuss and focus on

1.3. We actively track the Hotspex Index which is a basket of stocks of our clients and it crushes the S&P index

1.4. 95% client renewal rate where in 3 months after a project clients initiate more work with us

2. We have diverse practice areas that use behavioral science to build brands - this is divided into fewer bigger business units with these offers

2.1. Mental Availability Operating Systems

2.1.1. Ad testing

2.1.2. Brand Strategy

2.1.3. Brand Tracking

2.1.4. Media 2 to 3 major holding company deals Self serve tech Tech platform integrations (Oracle, Kantar/Pathmatics)

2.2. Physical Availability Operating Systems

2.2.1. SBD

2.2.2. Strong Ecommerce Guidance

2.3. Media

2.3.1. CMT

2.3.2. Media measurement

2.4. Custom Research

2.5. Data services ala Youguv

2.5.1. Deloitte EthoSense Integration

2.6. Hotspex Ventures

3. Our Marketing is the envy of all our competitors's so cool

3.1. Published Whitepaper on our brand building model

3.2. Book Published

3.3. Speaking at 10 events a year

3.4. 50 Blog Posts released a year that are read by thousands

3.5. We run webinars that are an upperfunnel capture of talent and clients

3.6. We are running always on digital marketing ala Zappistore

3.7. We have a sales operations process powered by CRM and best practice that incoming staff say is best in class

3.8. A PR practice with earned media of 100,000 impressions annually

3.9. We win an award for marketing our selves and our Hotspex Ventures

4. We are people first - Our Hotspex Family is comprised of the best, diverse, impactful talent in the business ..

4.1. A Players - All of us working together to our values as a family

4.2. Pyramid Model where we have our correct ratios

4.3. People are happy with the level of work they are doing as their time is respected

4.4. <5% negative churn rate where we don't lose many people that we didn't want to lose

4.5. Massive focus on training - best training in the world

4.6. Best D&I for an insights agency in the world

4.7. We hold all people managers accountable for everything ... staff happiness, profits, project ratings, everything ... and the buck stops at the CEO (not just because she/he is the only one who gets ripped on glassdoor, because they are keen to support the family ALWAYS and FOREVER)

4.8. A strong vibrant alumni network that hires us when they leave and refers their friends to work for and with us

4.9. We cast pitches, clients and projects accordingly

4.10. An up or out model that we adhere to powered by a meritocracy

4.11. Agressive perfomance driven compensation programs

4.12. We are serious about our health and help employees to live their best lives

4.13. We have a book club that is actively attended

4.14. We have a librarian and a head of training

4.15. We give our staff merit awards for doing amazing things and they publish them in linkedin to help build their profile

5. The Hotspex Way is how we work and WOW does it ever create happy clients/staff/profits

5.1. 100+ principles to how work gets done

5.2. We are deploying an account leader model

5.3. We will automate SOME tabulations where we can so that we have more time for the hard projects

5.4. Pulse checks every week

5.5. We forecast resources so that work life management is possible and we have a fluid workforce so that the people that are happy to work OT are working OT

5.6. We show up to clients with the best lighting, cameras, audio and theatre for a remote work company

5.7. Best in Class Training

5.7.1. We have training that is evergreen and digitally enabled

5.7.2. We tap into the expertise of our team and scale it - everybody is creating training in a market economy where you get stuff if you create good, popular, impactful training

5.8. We work better remotely than any other firm as per what our talent hear from their friends

5.9. We have high quality meetings with protocols bc MEETINGS CAN SUCK!

5.9.1. Agendas

5.9.2. Cadence

5.9.3. Moderation

5.10. We collaborate and the most senior people work on complicated projects together to get our best work out to clients

5.11. Best in class deliverables

5.11.1. Data analytics tools

5.11.2. End of project videos get released

6. Metrics And Finance

6.1. 25% net profit margin across the business

6.2. We have an agility metric that tracks time to response, brief to results, speed versus competition

6.3. We charge for over work

6.4. We aggressively measure ROI on all actions

6.5. We do zero based budgeting

6.6. Core metrics that we strive to improve such as percent of grunt work automated and time from brief to results delivery

6.7. Tracking of utilization with rigour and proper working metrics with Senior Vice Presidents in Insights with +80% client development

6.8. Optimized pricing with price increases as needed

7. The BUZZ about us inside and outside our industry is strong

7.1. They are growing

7.2. Having major impact on brands and on the world

7.3. Incredibly innovative

7.4. They really care about their talent and growing them and their careers

7.5. They really care about growing client careers

7.6. Planners say that our tools are the best in the world

7.7. Retailers say that our tools are the best tools in the world and are telling Top 50 CPG to run Hotspex Studies

7.8. Hotspex is the only company that integrates media buying into all they do to help build brands even more than you expect

7.9. Our people are often asked to comment on big issues which gets our name into the press ... when people say you work for Hotspex it means something

8. We are global and connected through technology

8.1. USA

8.2. EU

8.3. China

8.4. Canada

8.5. Strong back office support in a cheaper labour market as many consultancies are doing with great results

8.6. Remote Work is best in class

8.6.1. We communicate incredibly well such as using videos instead of long emails

8.6.2. Best Remote Work Practices

8.6.3. Our people still come together IN PERSON to build relationships and collaborate on important projects

9. We win LOTS of awards with our clients

9.1. GRIT

9.2. Best Places to Work


9.4. Key element in awards for brands such as Cannes (RBC) and Effies

10. The Hotspex Map is core to everything we do

10.1. Every word in every language

10.2. Massively upgraded visualization

10.3. A Right Space Finder that shows where brands can position automatically

10.4. Collected implicitly and whatever is viewed by clients as best of the best

10.5. Gamified collection for respondents to ease fieldwork and improve accuracy

10.6. We are using AI to help us write reports ... GPT3 which is writing articles, songs, and computer code - it's MAGIC

10.7. Free to the masses to help them position themselves and their brands

11. Our TOOLS are integral to how we work and who we are - Great Talent + Great Tools = Amazing Impact

11.1. Automation of 75% of our current work to leave us time to think about building brands, no grunt work / waste

11.2. We have norms for almost everything to bring context to all our results

11.3. We have incredible data exploration tools

12. Best in Class Sales Process to win big and win more - this is transformational - we call it AIDAR and it's the ideal buyers journey- It's the Hotspex Way

12.1. We have a sales operations process powered by CRM and best practice that incoming staff say is best in class

12.2. We run using Flip the Script everywhere

12.3. Developed a Trusted Advisor Process ala Big Consulting

12.4. We have standardized proposals

12.5. We track all pursuit in our Net Suite drill-able pursuit to have insight into all we do such as lapsed accounts