separation of mixtures

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separation of mixtures by Mind Map: separation of  mixtures

1. are a physical combination of two or more substances

2. change of state from liquid to gas that occurs at the liquid's surface

3. crystallization

4. chromatography

4.1. means colour writing

4.2. is an analytical method of isolating the colour components of a mixture

4.3. invented by M.S Tweet while studying coloured materials on plants

5. ink, air, sea water, paint, brass and bronze

6. to separate solid from liquid

6.1. like chalk from water

7. like salt from sand

8. filtaration

8.1. is also employed in vehicles

8.1.1. can also separate solid from solid only if one is soluble in a particular solvent while the other is not

8.1.2. by way of air filters and oil filters

8.2. centrifuge

8.2.1. human nose small hair in it traps dust

8.2.2. used to carry out filtration quickly

9. used to separate dissolved solids from a solution

9.1. can be used to separate salt from a salt-water solution

10. mixtures can be separated by physical methods

10.1. they do not change into other substances

11. mixtures

12. methods used to separate constituting mixtures

12.1. evaporation

12.1.1. solution containing dissolved solid is heated water escapes into the air as gas, leaving behind the solid