How do I deal with it?

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Anger by Mind Map: Anger

1. Fueled by letting my fleshly desires usurp the rule of Christ

1.1. When desires are not met

1.1.1. I lash out in anger

1.1.2. I try to control others

1.1.3. I am anxious and uptight

1.1.4. I tend to complain about others

1.2. When desires are met

1.2.1. I am happy in the situation personal (performance based) situational (temporary)

1.2.2. I place others in the same grid

2. Resolved by letting the rule of God reign by the grace of Christ

2.1. I will focus on the grace & love of Christ

2.1.1. praying for strength

2.1.2. singing songs of how I am abundantly loved!

2.1.3. going for a walk

2.2. The Fruits of the Spirit show

2.2.1. Joy in community

2.2.2. Joy in the Spirit

2.3. I seek opportunities to minister to others

2.3.1. I have time to listen to others

2.3.2. I respect others more and lift them up

2.3.3. I will actively seek to show the Love of Christ to others!